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As a diary writer since I was in my mid teens, writing is something I simply need to do - a reflex muscle that has to be exercised on a regular occasion - and the blog page is one way that I get to express that need, and which helps me be a happier and nicer person! Unlike the newsletter, we don't send out blogs, because people don't need to be bombarded regularly with my opinions, but they are here on the website for those interesting in checking in. And in the process they give me an opportunity to vent on all sorts of subject matters, usually Hospitality orientated, but not always.


Read More Magnificent TED talk

Posted on Thu, 05/04/2018

A wonderfully inspiring lecture in this age of extremism and polarisation. I do  want to believe that the rise of the hate groups that we are currently experiencing through the world is not an end point. The pendulum...>>>

Read More Hot Cross Buns

Posted on Sat, 31/03/2018

Most years I talk about making hot cross buns but often never get round to it. The various recipes I've tried over time have never quite got me enthusastic enough to warrant  putting in the effort. But in the ...>>>

Read More Further thoughts

Posted on Tue, 20/03/2018

Sometimes when my thought train starts moving in a certain direction, more seems to occur in my day that add to what I'm  mulling over, and a couple of things that happened during restaurant service last night underscored...>>>

Read More The cost of eating out

Posted on Mon, 19/03/2018

I am an accountant by trade. But I am now so long out of that industry that I never refer to myself as one, becos, well, it's been too long. I have however, always been responsible for the business side of Somerset, and...>>>

Read More Tipping again

Posted on Tue, 13/03/2018

Tipping isn't first and foremost in my brain, even though this is the second blog on the subject in recent times - in fact it's almost a non issue at Somerset, but this article happened to come up in my reading today...>>>

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