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As a diary writer since I was in my mid teens, writing is something I simply need to do - a reflex muscle that has to be exercised on a regular occasion - and the blog page is one way that I get to express that need, and which helps me be a happier and nicer person! Unlike the newsletter, we don't send out blogs, because people don't need to be bombarded regularly with my opinions, but they are here on the website for those interesting in checking in. And in the process they give me an opportunity to vent on all sorts of subject matters, usually Hospitality orientated, but not always.


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Posted on Thu, 06/09/2018

I spend far too much time at my computor these days, reading the various political American websites, obsessed as I am with the journey and ramifications of Donald Trump. Have forced myself away from the latest daily roundup...>>>

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Posted on Thu, 09/08/2018

When we opened Somerset back in '86 we were completely BYO. The Liquor Licensing laws didn't change until 1989 I think it was, and back in those days you were either licensed or you were BYO. We remained BYO only,...>>>

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Posted on Sat, 30/06/2018

Our very first hangi experience I am ashamed to say, is the one we needed to create when Monique Fiso was here. She may have sent thru a list of what tools and accessories we needed, but other detail was somewhat limited,...>>>

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Posted on Sat, 30/06/2018

Life is fairly frenetic at the moment. There seems to be multiple things going on, and occasionally I question my ability to stay on top of it all. Earlier this week, Rick and I headed up to Auckland for a couple of days...>>>

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Posted on Mon, 04/06/2018

Grant and Arno have just headed back to Auckland after a breakfast out and  lenghty recap of the proceeding day and a general mulling over about the hospitality industry in New Zealand. Rick is clearing away the unused...>>>

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