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As a diary writer since I was in my mid teens, writing is something I simply need to do - a reflex muscle that has to be exercised on a regular occasion - and the blog page is one way that I get to express that need, and which helps me be a happier and nicer person! Unlike the newsletter, we don't send out blogs, because people don't need to be bombarded regularly with my opinions, but they are here on the website for those interesting in checking in. And in the process they give me an opportunity to vent on all sorts of subject matters, usually Hospitality orientated, but not always.


Read More Sustainable - an important documentary

Posted on Sun, 23/07/2017

Have just finished watching this gentle but incredibly powerful documentary on sustainable agricultural practices. Can't recommend it highly enough. The genuiness and sincerity of the people involved shone through...>>>

Read More Screen time

Posted on Sat, 15/07/2017

A particularly on point TED lecture regarding the amount of time that we are spending in front of screens, and what that can mean. I especially liked the concept of 'stopping cues', not something I'd contemplated...>>>

Read More Cuisine Magazines so called top 100 restaurants.

Posted on Wed, 05/07/2017

I shouldn't...I really shouldn't lurch into print after I've read something that irritates the proverbial out of me, but this article got both of us going,  and even though we've done a cookschool in...>>>

Read More Eating out in Melbourne

Posted on Thu, 29/06/2017

 We tend to stay in the CBD  deliberately so  that alot of the restaurants we want to try are within walking distance. Melbourne is a wonderfully pedestrian friendly city - we walked everywhere pretty much...>>>

Read More Melbourne, Part One

Posted on Tue, 27/06/2017

The first time we went to Melbourne was back in 1998, a trip necessitated by the news gleaned at one of Catharine Bell's Epicurean Workshop Cookschools that Stephanie Alexander was planning to close her eponymous restaurant...>>>

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