Ballymaloe Cookschool

29 Apr 2008

We have lots going on in our lives with the restaurant, the cookschools, the catering that we do, and everything else that happens in the background.

A restaurant is open virtually every day and as a result things have to happen every day, so that all is ready and welcoming for the customers when they walk in the door. That means constant attention to detail - its almost impossible to ignore stuff simply becos you don't feel like attending to it at that particular time, becos everything is co-dependant and something not happening when it should always causes  major problems.

For that reason I consider our lives to be reasonably busy - none of which is meant as a complaint becos I rather like it that way. But below is a link to the latest Ballymaloe cookschool newsletter, which you should read - becos Darina's focus and busyness, makes me feel positively apathetic by comparison.

As I mentioned in the French trip blogs, we went to Ballymaloe in Cork at the end of our French trip last year - becos Darina had extended an invitation to us, and we, and some friends were very keen to have a look at the set up. Suffice to say we were blown away, both by the very special Irish hospitality, but also by the concept of the farm that is attached to the cookschool, and just what it is that they do there.  gives you a feel for some of what goes on - but doesn't really capture the extraordinary energy and vitality of Darina. Shes an amazing lady, and one we hope to entice out to NZ again - once we get our own cookschool on a more professional footing.

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