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31 Jan 2007

By virtue of the fact that my life is pretty busy - I don't get to spend much time, cruising the internet reading other peoples blogs, but the ones that I have got connected too, have convinced me, that the internet is an extraordinary tool for the sharing of information, in a direct and honest fashion, without being beholden to the editorial drift of a publication, or the requirements of any advertisers. On the internet, what you get is direct from  a massive range of people, and while some of it is pure unadulterated drivel, there is also a lot that is pertinent and relevant, and which can be fascinating.

I am not at all sure where this blog is going to take me - but writing is something that I really enjoy, and I hope thru the blog to be able to discuss some of what I discover in my day to day life.

I own a restaurant with my husband - and have done so for nearly 21 years. During that time, we've battled massive financial pressures, brought up 2 daughters, amd kept growing and learning. I love what we do. I love the people contact, the learning process with food and wine, and all the opportunities that come our way.

Lots of people entertain romantic notions about owning a restaurant business - thinking that it would be a glamorous thing to do. Certain aspects of it may be, but most of it is repetitive  and monotonous, just like any other occupation. The toilets have to be cleaned, the bookwork has to be done, and the potatoes peeled. And that is something that doesn't vary week in, or week out.  Everything has to be in place for when the first customers walk thru the door. Thats just the way it is.

We are alot bigger in every sense than when we opened in 1986 - we are now a 65 seater, as opposed to 45 back then, and in addition to the restaurant, we also have an outcatering wing, plus we do a significant number of cookschools during the year. Most of which are at the restaurant, but some of which have been overseas. One of the huge advantages of being a long established business is that  we have some absolutley formidably loyal customers, who we've known for years. We have people coming in for dinner with their new husbands ( or wifes) who I remember as young toddlers - and that sense of continuity gives me immense satisfaction. I really like the sense of digging our roots deep in the local community and developing this profound sense of belonging.

Owning a restaurant is not all glamour - there are lots of down sides that happen along, and what I'm hoping to do with this blog, is too discuss all aspects of that restaurant life ( without being specific about customers, becos that wouldn't be appropriate!),  as various things occur, and I feel a need to share. It won't be sent out - it will just be here on the restaurant website, for those people who chose to click in periodically. ( And if they want to pick up on anything I've mentioned, I'm contactable on


We will just see what happens, and where it takes us!



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