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Read More Restaurant Critics - Do we need them?!

Posted on Thu, 05/04/2007

Good Friday - a slow start to the day, and I've brought my laptop out to the sun, to enjoy the autumnal warmth on my back. Rick and I have been down to feed the pigs and run the dogs - made a couple of coffees - and are luxeriating...>>>

Read More Saturday Night

Posted on Sat, 14/04/2007

One of the realities of restaurant life in Tauranga ( and I suspect in most other towns in NZ), is that Saturday night tends to be the biggest night of the week, in terms of demands for tables. Tonite we have been full -...>>>

Read More Why we charge corkage.

Posted on Wed, 25/04/2007

    I got read my pedigree tonite by a customer, who'd taken umbrage at the fact we charge corkage in the restaurant. When I tried to explain to him our rationale for doing so, all I achieved was to bring forth...>>>

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