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Read More Gordon Ramsey Humble Pie

Posted on Thu, 05/07/2007

I've long been a fan of Gordon Ramsey - an opinion that seems to run counter to the majority of people whenever he comes up in conversation. Peoples aversion seems to be centered on his expletive driven language, and what...>>>

Read More Heat - Bill Burford

Posted on Sat, 07/07/2007

The restaurant has been very quiet over the last 2 weeks - to be expected this time of year, but never a fact that I actually embrace, becos the number of bills that require paying never seem to diminish by quite the same...>>>

Read More Making Butter

Posted on Tue, 24/07/2007

We made butter today. Quite deliberately and not an accidental by-product of beating cream for icecream in the large mixer, and forgetting about it until its too late, as does happen periodically. No ? this we did from scratch,...>>>

Read More Flaveur Bread

Posted on Thu, 26/07/2007

 Rick and I were over at the restaurant this morning, sorting thru some of the myriad detail that we need to get our heads around , for the upcoming cookschool trip to France, when Rachel from Flaveur bakery dropt...>>>

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