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Posted on Wed, 13/06/2007

We are having an exceptionally quiet nite in the restaurant - an annual occurence becos of the Field Days in Hamilton, this week every year. It used to send me into major spins - thinking that no-one loved us anymore, and...>>>

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Posted on Tue, 19/06/2007

One of the huge advantages of being a long established business, in a smallish town, is that we don't have to spend lots of money on advertising to push the name of the restaurant out there. It already is....>>>

Read More Wine Options 2007

Posted on Tue, 26/06/2007

This Monday was the last nite in the current series of wine options -which we've been running at the restaurant since 1997. Good friends of ours - the Gerrands and Leighs - were instrumental in starting the options, and for...>>>

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