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Read More Re adjustment to normal life

Posted on Mon, 05/11/2007

Put on some high heels and went out for dinner with my husband tonite to Astrolabe. Had been planning on taking our daughters also, but they both declined becos of study committments, and since exams are looming, and I've...>>>

Read More Off License

Posted on Wed, 14/11/2007

After we have done a cookschool at Somerset, we sit down in the restaurant with the attendees and eat for lunch what it is that Rick has prepared, together with a wine  that I've chosen . I usually make an effort in...>>>

Read More A couple of recent eating out experiences

Posted on Mon, 19/11/2007

Robin Feron is someone we have known since our earliest days in Tauranga. It was Robins vision that saw a number of new eateries open up in this town, and we were always impressed with how he managed to touch the prevailing...>>>

Read More The French Cafe Cookbook

Posted on Mon, 19/11/2007

The French Cafe is one of New Zealands top restaurants, and we've been going for years, thru 3 changes of owners.  We've always liked it - always found that it pushes the barrow just enough to make it interesting and...>>>

Read More Service Included - Four Star Secrets of an Evesdropping Waiter Phoebe Damrosch

Posted on Sat, 24/11/2007

The title is a red herring. This book is not about what the waitress overhears at tables, but more about the process of becoming a professional  waiter at Per Se, the restaurant that Thomas Keller of The French Laundry...>>>

Read More Licorice Icecream

Posted on Tue, 27/11/2007

I suspect that Licorice icecream is one of the dishes most strongly identified with Somerset. Its been on our menu, since the inception - and although in the early years we played around with the presentation and the sauces...>>>

Read More Umami

Posted on Tue, 27/11/2007

A good customer has just sent me this interesting link to a Radio NZ broadcast about umami - the timing of which was most fortuitous, becos we'd been discussing it in the kitchen the other day, when Matt mentioned that he...>>>

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