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Read More US govermental conspiracy!

Posted on Tue, 04/03/2008

I'm currently reading a book 'How to Pick a Peach - the search for flavour from farm to table", which somewhat eloquently explains what has happened to the supply chain from grower to consumer over the last 50 years or so,...>>>

Read More Vinegar Barrel

Posted on Sun, 09/03/2008

We're about to head out to friends for dinner, but before we do I thought I'd take a photo of this gorgeous small wine barrel that I did a deal over, with Steve Bird at the Wine and Food Festival on Saturday. I've been wanting...>>>

Read More Cookschool Product

Posted on Wed, 19/03/2008

We are about to head over to the Mount to drop off some cases of wine that we've organised for a client. We are doing her daughters wedding catering on Saturday night, and we've also organised the wine for the followup celebration...>>>

Read More Spacing the times of bookings

Posted on Sat, 29/03/2008

In the next newsletter, which is currently being printed and due to go out next week, I talk at length about how we are now endeavouring to be proactive about spacing the times that tables arrive, so as to avoid...>>>

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