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Read More American Election

Posted on Wed, 05/11/2008

This article says it all as far as I concerned. I watched Obama's acceptance speech tonite and wept. He's the right man, in the right place at the right time. ...>>>

Read More Macarons - finally!

Posted on Thu, 06/11/2008

Macarons have developed into somewhat of an obsession for me, and the only thing that saves me from too much undue concern about myself is the fact that in my research trips on the internet, I have discovered that there is...>>>

Read More Reflexions - Richard Olney

Posted on Thu, 06/11/2008

An extraordinary book. I've just finished it, reluctantly - becos I didn't want it to come to an end. But Rick and Courteney were out on their bikes; we'd done a cookschool today, and my head wasn't really in the right space...>>>

Read More Roses

Posted on Wed, 12/11/2008

A friend who has a very established, and quite stunning rose garden dropt me in a bunch of 'Just Joey" last week - huge blooms with a perfume that filled the restaurant. They attracted a massive amount of comment, and I now...>>>

Read More New Dinnerware

Posted on Fri, 14/11/2008

We have just put a clean broom thru all our plates, and replaced them. Over the years we've tended to end up with a few bits and pieces as we buy square plates for presentation of a particular dish, or rectangular plates...>>>

Read More Sails Restaurant

Posted on Fri, 21/11/2008

We are having an exceptionally quiet nite at the restaurant, which for a Friday is somewhat unusual for us and I can't say I  enjoy being this quiet very much. Even though we're in the midst of busy times - I still struggle...>>>

Read More Trinity Hill winemakers dinner - 25 November 2008

Posted on Thu, 27/11/2008

I have one daughter out on the river training, the other is racing in Te Puke, and Ricks just headed out for a quiet hour on the bike to clear his head. As you do. I've been bottling red wine vinegar, and am now sitting at...>>>

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