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Read More No.1

Posted on Fri, 03/10/2008

Another list that I've decided I should start, is to catalogue some of the wierld and wonderful comments and queries we get periodically from customers. I don't do a double take often, but then sometimes people will ask something...>>>

Read More Mouth Wide Open John Thorne

Posted on Sat, 04/10/2008

I have found a new food writing lodestar - and I'm not even sure who lead me to this book. I ordered it thru Amazon, which means I will have read a review somewhere - possibly in the latest edition of Art of Eating( the best...>>>

Read More Michelle Richardson Winemakers Dinner - 7 October 2008

Posted on Wed, 08/10/2008

I'm exhausted! First cookschool in the Christmas series today, and the first one in any series is always cause for some preliminary anxiety as we sort the timing of everything ( ran over time today, but knowing my husband...>>>

Read More 'In the weeds' - a professional kitchen expression explained

Posted on Thu, 09/10/2008

A chef in America, Shuna, writes an occasional blog that I read, which reveals a hugely passionate committment to the craft of cooking in a restaurant kitchen. I am not a professional chef- my skills lie in other...>>>

Read More Motu Challenge - October 2008

Posted on Sun, 12/10/2008

Let me take you for a pictorial explanation of yesterday, when my family and Ash Hough competed in the Motu Challenge - a gruelling multi sport event that encompasses a 70km mountain bike leg; a 17km off road run; a 52 road...>>>

Read More Cod Mark Kurlansky

Posted on Tue, 21/10/2008

This is described on the cover blurb as a 'biography about the fish that changed the world', which sounds somewhat grandiose, especially to us in NZ for whom cod has never featured as part of our diet; but it makes for fascinating...>>>

Read More elBulli

Posted on Fri, 24/10/2008

An insight into the ideas, methods and creativity of Ferran Adria, who is the chef at elBulli, a restaurant that is constantly touted as THE BEST RESTAURANT IN THE WORLD. This is my third attempt to get the blog about...>>>

Read More Courteney at Nationals

Posted on Mon, 27/10/2008

Labour weekend, and its been a busy one which is nice. Closed today as usual on a Monday, and Rick and I went over to the Mount as we normally do, only to find it occupied by most of the rest of NZ who were all keen to get...>>>

Read More Video of 2 interesting speakers

Posted on Thu, 30/10/2008

This link is to 2 speeches given by 2 passionate speakers on the subject of food and sourcing our food  in todays world. I'm not sure if I am being hopelessly romantic in my hope that  NZers care enough about the...>>>

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