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Posted on Tue, 02/09/2008

Got connected to this series of photos via one of the foodblogs that I read regularly, and thought it was worth sharing becos the originality and effort that goes into these peoples lunches makes an amazing record. As I...>>>

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Posted on Sat, 13/09/2008

Rick and Courteney are over in the Waikato doing a club race at Morrinsville - Rick racing with some elite male riders, and I know he won't be able to help himself but attempt to keep up, or kill himself in the process -...>>>

Read More Articles on what makes a good restaurant and on wine prices in restaurants

Posted on Mon, 15/09/2008

I am sitting at the dining room table working thru Courteneys various documentation for University next year with her. This particular daughter makes hard work of this sort of process, and likes to have someone around to...>>>

Read More Why I keep my wine list predominantly from small producers

Posted on Tue, 16/09/2008

An article in the regular TizWine email caught my eye today. Theres a documentary being screened on one of the Australian TV channels that we may get to see in NZ at some time, which describes in detail some of the scams...>>>

Read More No.1

Posted on Thu, 18/09/2008

This is certainly not the first complaint we've ever recieved! - but thought it might be interesting to document some of the comments that we get, which give us pause to reflect, and reconsider. There are 2 types of complaints...>>>

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