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Read More Chocolate - Mort Rosemblum

Posted on Fri, 06/03/2009

A book about the chocolate trail - from where it is grown and harvested, in a band of countries around the equator, to the history of how the first cacao beans were taken back to Europe and its subsequent evolution to the...>>>

Read More The Memories in a Photo....

Posted on Tue, 10/03/2009

  I was doing some long overdue house cleaning yesterday, becos we had friends due home for dinner, and that is always a good incentive to prod me, into  getting  my act into gear. House cleaning is not...>>>

Read More Cookschool Pleasure

Posted on Wed, 11/03/2009

It is very rare that I will walk back over to the house after a cookschool, without feeling a special kind of warm glow. Can't pin exactly what the source of that glow is, but suspect its a combination of factors, rather...>>>

Read More What would we have done?

Posted on Fri, 13/03/2009

This link is to a recording of Fair Go, and shows a debate over culpability in a situation where inexperienced diners in a middle of the road restaurant, thought they had ordered a couple of glasses of cheap red wine, but...>>>

Read More Why would you?!

Posted on Sat, 14/03/2009

I have just had a wee afternoon siesta - the dogs and I, becos I seemed to be wilting a bit. Both my daughters came home yesterday, Courteney to stay for the weekend. Shes picking up her time trial bike at the moment,( having...>>>

Read More More on Vanilla

Posted on Tue, 17/03/2009

This link is to an article in Life and Leisure magazine on Jennifer Boggiss and her family and the growth of their vanilla business, Heilala Vanilla. We have been using their vanilla since the very  early days, becos...>>>

Read More Venues

Posted on Sun, 22/03/2009

Have just got back from Sunday brunch over at Slowfish. As I sat and waited for Courteney and Rick to turn up on their bikes to meet me - they'd left home at 7am to ride a mere 100k before breakfast, as you do - I  took...>>>

Read More The Specialness of Dogs...

Posted on Tue, 24/03/2009

I tried to send this link in the newsletter that I sent out electronically today, but something didn't transpute and it didn't work. I think its too cute not to pass on, so, for those who love dogs and need them in their...>>>

Read More A Goose in Toulouse - Mort Rosenblum

Posted on Thu, 26/03/2009

I've just finished compiling a stack of newsletters. We have some friends coming to help with the ' fold/put in envelopes/affix stamp' stage in the morning, so wanted to be organised. We have a large outcatering wedding...>>>

Read More An Interview with Alice Waters

Posted on Tue, 31/03/2009

 This is a link to a CBS interview with Alice Waters who is considered  by many to be one  of the gurus of the food movement in America which, over the last couple of decades  has seen a gradual change...>>>

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