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Read More Born Round - Frank Bruni

Posted on Sat, 07/11/2009

I'm waiting for the vege bed I've just dug over to get a solid 2 hour drenching, before I take down the tomato plants we bought at the market this morning on our way to the Mount, and plant them.  Getting the watering...>>>

Read More Frustration of bureaucracy

Posted on Sun, 08/11/2009

  I'm not enough of a techy to be able to show you the photos which came with this email from a dear friend - but thats OK, cos for me the humour in the piece was all about the words. As one who is constantly mesmerised...>>>

Read More Grass Envy!

Posted on Tue, 10/11/2009

We popped down to Mills Reef today to have a look at some new stretch tents, that were having a demonstration down there, and I've come away with a severe case of grass envy! Alot of the wedding catering that we do is...>>>

Read More Christmas Baking

Posted on Sat, 14/11/2009

I'm having a baking kind of day, which is sitting very comfortably with me. Ricks searching for inspiration in some cookbooks for some menu changes, and we've had a discussion about various aspects of that, and I've left...>>>

Read More Menu Changes

Posted on Sat, 14/11/2009

 2 blogs in one day -  which could be considered a touch excessive I guess, but the urge to sit down and write, tends to wax and wane depending to a very large degree on what else is going on in my life. Today,...>>>

Read More New menu

Posted on Thu, 19/11/2009

I've been sitting on my lovely red leather seat in the bar writing in my diary about the last couple of days which have been pretty full on. The restaurant is quiet tonite - not sure why that is, becos the rest of the week...>>>

Read More Julie and Julia - Julie Powell

Posted on Sat, 21/11/2009

In this current cookschool series, the various dishes that Rick is doing, include a reasonable quotient of butter. Thats not deliberate - he didn't set out to come up with a menu that incorporated lots of butter - but when...>>>

Read More Birthday Celebrations

Posted on Sun, 22/11/2009

Brenda and Doug Leigh are very special people in our lifes - not only have they been enormously supportive over a very long number of years, with all the various aspects of the restaurant business, they also take an active ...>>>

Read More Training Chefs

Posted on Thu, 26/11/2009

We have alot of depth of talent amongst our current kitchen team. Together with Rick there are 5 other full time chefs - John, Craig, Helen, Jamie and Matt. They do a variety of shifts - on some days one of them will prep...>>>

Read More Acquiring customers details

Posted on Sat, 28/11/2009

If swear words offend you, I wouldn't go on this link - becos swear words proliferate! But it's kind of an interesting window into a world quite different to the one I choose to inhabit. Recently I bought a pair of jeans...>>>

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