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Read More Finally! - the beers have arrived

Posted on Mon, 02/08/2010

Its been a bit of a mission, finding someone I can buy the range of craft beers that I want to list on the restaurant menu. But we are there now thanks to the very knowledgeable guys at Regional Wines in Wellington, that...>>>

Read More Menu changes muses

Posted on Thu, 05/08/2010

I know you're not supposed to eat at the computor, but I'm currently tucking into a bowlful of warm polenta, topped with some sauteed vegetables and pinenuts, and I'm thoroughly enjoying it. The polenta is made from NZ cornmeal...>>>

Read More Guy Savoy Restaurant

Posted on Sat, 07/08/2010

Forget all the crap and hysteronics you get to see on reality TV about restaurants, and revel in the precision and beauty of this movie about a day in the life of a 3 starred restaurant in Paris, Guy Savoy. The hospitality...>>>

Read More Parisian Cafes

Posted on Sat, 07/08/2010

Was pondering an article I'd read in the paper this morning, about the cons of joining Facebook, and how superficial that kind of electronic connection can be. I have no desire to join Facebook, and can't see that status...>>>

Read More Robert Parker

Posted on Tue, 10/08/2010

I am currently reading a totally fascinating book, 'Liquid Matters' by Jonathon Nossiter, which is taking awhile, partly becos I'm finding it thoroughly engrossing and am trying to spin it out so it doesn't end anytime soon,...>>>

Read More Locavore Wine

Posted on Thu, 12/08/2010

We definitely see it as a positive thing that over the last few years, the restaurant trade in general has started to embrace the idea of buying local, and using seasonal ingredients. Rather than shipping strawberries half...>>>

Read More Canal House Recipe books

Posted on Thu, 12/08/2010

I am writing this post on Saturday, but possibly won't get to put it on the website till tomorrow, becos Courteney has possesion of my camera and doesn't look likely to relinquish it any time soon. She's a girl on a mission...>>>

Read More Mahi Winemakers Dinner - August10 2010

Posted on Thu, 12/08/2010

Mahi winery was established in Marlborough in 2001 by Brian and Nicola Bicknell, and they make a small range of wines from hand picked grapes, and using wild yeasts. On Tuesday nite, we hosted a dinner with Brian , and were...>>>

Read More Bread

Posted on Fri, 13/08/2010

We are having an exceptionally quiet week at the restaurant, and I'm working hard at being proactive, and using the unexpected free time, to focus on other things, rather than stewing in a juice of funk, becos not enough...>>>

Read More Lessmeatism

Posted on Sat, 14/08/2010

The current cookschool series that we are finishing in a couple of weeks, was pitched as a modern take on vegetarian food. And the response from people has been interesting. Some people who would normally come to a series...>>>

Read More Liquid Memory - Jonathon Nossiter

Posted on Tue, 17/08/2010

Rick is out on his bike ( again!), and I have a half hour or so to fill in before I take the dogs down below for their predinner exercise, so thought I'd write about this book, having just finally finished it. It took...>>>

Read More Doughnuts

Posted on Fri, 20/08/2010

I've just been over to the restaurant, where Roz and Hayley, have got the candles lit, the tables allocated, and the section sheet drawn up. All we need now are some customers! So while I wait for the first tables to arrive,...>>>

Read More Sprint finish

Posted on Mon, 23/08/2010

      Drove up to Auckland yesterday to watch Courteney race in the Auckland K1000, and the photo above is of the sprint finish between her and Melissa Holt - with the rest of the field some distance back. Courteney...>>>

Read More Cheap flights

Posted on Thu, 26/08/2010

Being not terribly experienced in the art of international travel, we were somewhat taken aback on our last big overseas trip when we flew from Paris to Cork on Air Lingus, and were expected to pay cash up front on board...>>>

Read More Clevedon Buffalo Milk Products

Posted on Fri, 27/08/2010

As people who have been coming to cookschools are aware, we have been using the ricotta, the yoghurt and the mozzarella from Clevedon Buffalo for some time now. We were introduced to Helen at the Clevedon market last year,...>>>

Read More Coromandel Classic

Posted on Mon, 30/08/2010

  One of the unexpected side issues of my children and husband's propensity for sporting endeavour is that we get to end up spending time in parts of the country that we wouldn't necessarily get to see in the ordinary...>>>

Read More Things are tough in the NZ wine world

Posted on Mon, 30/08/2010

A sobering article on the current status quo in the NZ wine industry.......>>>

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