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Posted on Thu, 02/12/2010

The below has been copied from a blog I read periodically, written by an American pastry chef, who has worked in various places, and who writes interestingly about her experiences. She cares passionately about her food and...>>>

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Posted on Sat, 04/12/2010

I read alot, simply becos its something I enjoy to do. Reading extends my horizons, gives me stuff to chew over mentally, and that is a process I have always done, since as long as I can remember. I find I can gain so much...>>>

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Posted on Sun, 05/12/2010

Last Monday Rhonda, Roz and I headed over to the Zealong tea plantation where we were to meet with Christy, their account manager, to be taken thru the finer points of serving oolong tea. Rick and I had already been to...>>>

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Posted on Mon, 06/12/2010

I have been musing for a few months now that we are due another cookschool recipe book, the last one we did covers the classes from 1999 to 2005, so was time to look at another version. The world of private publishing has...>>>

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Posted on Tue, 07/12/2010

Have just spent the last hour doing a bank reconciliation under the Xero system, which allows me to do all the coding, and then spit out a monthly Profit and Loss and the statement for GST by the very simple click of the...>>>

Read More Christmas Food Court Flash Mob

Posted on Wed, 08/12/2010

This video  that Doug has just sent me thru, brought tears to my eyes, and I'm not religious at all! But something about the randomness of these people suddenly and unexpectedly bursting into such a beautiful song, in...>>>

Read More Drink only Australian wine in January

Posted on Fri, 10/12/2010

All wine industries everywhere in the world have found the last couple of vintages extremely stressful. The market correction that has been taking place over the last 2 years, is claiming alot of financial victims along the...>>>

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Posted on Sat, 11/12/2010

Ricks mother is in town and we organised to meet her and Dennis for brunch after we'd done the Mount this morning. Rick is finally running again, its taken this long since his accident for his back not to jar, so we've resumed...>>>

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Posted on Sun, 12/12/2010

Its a blistering hot Sunday afternoon, and I've done my normal collaspse with the Sunday papers, that I tend to follow Sunday cookschools with. My husband who is made of much sterner stuff, has headed out on his bike, and...>>>

Read More Tacos and surfing in New York

Posted on Wed, 15/12/2010

Sometimes I wonder if our generation got it wrong. All that pressure that came to bear from our parents generation to get an education so as get ahead. Education, mortgage, committement, work - the need to acquire the big...>>>

Read More Children in the Restaurant

Posted on Thu, 16/12/2010

We are having a really good run up to Christmas I'm pleased to be able to report. Sometimes this time of year can be made rather extra stressful thru the behaviour of some of the  groups that can come in, and who proceed...>>>

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Posted on Fri, 17/12/2010

It had been my intention to head over to the Mount early this morning and take a photo of the beach and the garland of ruby pohutakawa trees that are currently adding their grace to the water front. But its rained heavily...>>>

Read More Foodgasms on The Food Network

Posted on Sat, 18/12/2010

This short video is precisely why I can't take the Food Channel seriously. Food and its enjoyment is a huge part of my life - it preoccupies a significant number of hours in my day, but  that said, I still recoil from...>>>

Read More Keeping uptodate with menus

Posted on Tue, 21/12/2010

Judy had to pat down some customers ( metaphorically speaking!), who bristled on Saturday nite becos the menu they were handed when they sat down was not exactly the same as the one they had looked at on our website, prior...>>>

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Posted on Wed, 22/12/2010

Just read this in an article in the Listener, on Happiness, and I've decided I'd quite like to adopt it as my motto...not that I'm especially a motto kind of person... but just rather warmed to its perspective. I quote Armando...>>>

Read More The Christmas Story

Posted on Sun, 26/12/2010

I know I've mentioned previously that I'm not religious - but oh!, this is simply irresistible!! The link has just been sent to me by  a very special friend who we haven't seen in ages, and who is now about to be on...>>>

Read More Ferran - The inside story of el bulli and the man who reinvented food -Colman Andrews

Posted on Tue, 28/12/2010

A pile of books from Amazon arrived just prior to our Christmas break, which I took to be very fortuitous timing, since one of my favourite things to do in down time is curl up with a book. And so it has been...most of...>>>

Read More Sandra Lee and Angel food cake

Posted on Wed, 29/12/2010

Dear God! Watch this video, from one of the highest rating presenters on the Food Network in the US, and tell me that it doesn't make a complete and utter farce of the meaning of the word 'cooking'. Its beyond hideous -...>>>

Read More Anothony Bourdain on Celebrity Chefs

Posted on Thu, 30/12/2010

I've just rewatched my earlier posting on the horrors of the artificial Sandra Lee and the truly abysmal cake that she constructs ( to call it cooking, would be to totally misrepresent that word!), and decided that no, I...>>>

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