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Posted on Tue, 06/07/2010

We are 2/3rds of the way thru Wine Options for this year, and our team won last nite, whereas the week previous, we'd been bottom of the table - proving perhaps that guesswork and serendipity has rather alot to do with the...>>>

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Posted on Wed, 07/07/2010

I ordered this book thru Amazon a couple of weeks back, and while I waited for the parcel to duly arrive on my doorstep, I happened to read a number of reviews of it, in the various magazines that I get. Most of which were...>>>

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Posted on Thu, 08/07/2010

This link has absolutely nothing to do with the restaurant world, but have just come over to the house after working a busy lunch, and clearing emails, and encountered this email that I'd been sent. The laughing that I did...>>>

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Posted on Sun, 11/07/2010

I'm sort of watching the Magic in their final, but they're currently 10 goals down, and I can't quite bear to sit in front of the TV, so have retreated to my computor with one ear cocked to the commentary... We did a private...>>>

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Posted on Mon, 12/07/2010

We are heading up to Auckland for the day ( and evening - it would be a shame  not to fit a dinner in as well!) later this week, primarily ( apart from the lunch and dinner!) to meet up with Jean-Christophe at Maison...>>>

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Posted on Tue, 13/07/2010

We are not so busy tonite, and I have come back over to the house, having done the initial meet and greet. For reasons I don't fully understand I decided to wear shoes with heels tonite, not my usual flat ones, and while...>>>

Read More Compulsory reading for chefs wanting to work in France

Posted on Fri, 23/07/2010

David Lebovitz is an American pastry chef, ex of the great Chez Panisse, who now resides in Paris and has written a number of cookbooks, with a definite focus on icecream. He also writes a regular blog which I get and enjoy...>>>

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Posted on Sat, 24/07/2010

Matt, one of our kitchen team has just come over to house with a container of strawberry plants that his mother promised me. Kim had split her plants and ended up with a number surplus, and offered them to me. Delighted...>>>

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Posted on Sun, 25/07/2010

Something to smile at on my way to make my early morning the bemused smiles on peoples faces!...>>>

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Posted on Thu, 29/07/2010

I finally got out to the restaurant garden today to do some serious weeding. Have been conscious of the need to do so for some while now, but somehow it just never made it quite high enough on my to do list. Feeling virtuous...>>>

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