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Read More Life

Posted on Wed, 03/11/2010

I must buy this book. Everything I read about it, this included, makes it sound like a fascinating description of an extraordinary life. Not totally sure why I feel that way, but I do......>>>

Read More Crappy Reporting

Posted on Sat, 06/11/2010

I read an article in the Bay of Plenty Times this afternoon with some considerable vexation. It was hard really to see the point of it - and thats what got my dander up. A reporter had decided to go out and compare the prices...>>>

Read More Old staff and reminiscing

Posted on Thu, 11/11/2010

Perhaps one of the most satisfying aspects of being in our kind of business for awhile, are the relationships that you build up with all sorts of people over time. We now have a very long list of alumni, staff that have...>>>

Read More Cupcakes

Posted on Thu, 11/11/2010

You have got to love the passion of these 2 in this video - well at least I think you do! Curious to watch them make the cupcakes becos prior to sitting down at the computor to do my breathing exercises, I was watching Australian...>>>

Read More Somerfield Strawberries

Posted on Fri, 12/11/2010

We had a busy, buzzy nite in the restaurant last nite - just the kind of nite that reinforces why it is that I enjoy so much what we do. Lots of appreciative, happy customers - and all the systems running smoothly and seemingly...>>>

Read More The Weather Gods

Posted on Fri, 12/11/2010

Catering is a specialised form of work, quite different to what we normally do in the restaurant. And covering all the angles necessary for each job,  can create some stresses and strains.  We have a large garden...>>>

Read More The trip is on...

Posted on Sat, 13/11/2010

For some months now, we've been tossing around the idea of planning another European cookschool - a plan that gained considerable momentum, when we were introduced to a beautiful property in Piedmonte. Finding the right...>>>

Read More Feminism

Posted on Mon, 15/11/2010

Rick has just poured me a glass of bubbly and we are settling in for a quiet nite at home. A somewhat pleasureable prospect after a pretty full on week, and the awareness that we have another one similar, looming. Before...>>>

Read More Spam

Posted on Mon, 15/11/2010

There is nothing that pisses me of more than a phone call at home that I bestir myself to answer only to discover that it is a telemarketer talking in barely intelligible english. My  rejection  of the call and...>>>

Read More Thomas Keller poaches eggs

Posted on Tue, 16/11/2010

This short video shows one of our cooking gurus, Thomas Keller, poaching eggs, and it is loaded with interesting little hints on how to get the perfect poached egg. I happen to think my husband is one of the best chefs in...>>>

Read More Gordon Ramsays Empire Turmoil

Posted on Tue, 16/11/2010

I really wanted to believe in Gordon Ramsay, and I have defended him for years against those who find his profanity so offputting. His ability as a chef was more important to me, and I've always thought that was indisputable....>>>

Read More Avec Eric

Posted on Wed, 17/11/2010

Sorry guys! These mornings I'm waking up earlier and sitting at the computor to do my breathing exercises, which means I'm getting time to read more on the internet before my day begins, and some of this stuff is just too...>>>

Read More Busy Times

Posted on Fri, 19/11/2010

It has been a full on week, which isn't showing any sign of abating over the next couple of days. I've just finished putting a very ad hoc version of a cross between a quiche and a bacon and egg pie in the oven, becos my...>>>

Read More National Geographic photos

Posted on Wed, 24/11/2010

About to take the dogs down below, but just flicking thru my emails as they prowl impatiently outside waiting for me to appear, and have worked my way down the beautiful series of photos in this link that Chris sent me. I...>>>

Read More Trinity Hill Winemakers Dinner - November 2010

Posted on Wed, 24/11/2010

I am about to head into the kitchen to start browning of some mince, so that I can get a huge pot of bolognese sauce bubbling away, for while I'm over at the restaurant for lunch service. Courteney is doing the Elite Womens...>>>

Read More A Chef cooks at Home

Posted on Thu, 25/11/2010

This article is a sweetly meditative piece on what a professional chef in New York, cooks at home when he gets home from work. We differ quite dramatically, in that I can't think of anything worse than sitting down to a...>>>

Read More Tips on ordering wine in a restaurant

Posted on Thu, 25/11/2010

This article is written by an American restaurant critic who was slated by Anthony Bourdain in his latest book, as being pretencious and seriously unpleasant, so I started reading his list, fully expecting to find him pretencious...>>>

Read More Chocolate covered Caramalised Matzoh Crunch

Posted on Fri, 26/11/2010

We did a private cookschool yesterday morning - an interesting group of people from all over New Zealand. And we have another class today. Its unususal for us to do back to back classes these days - I quite deliberately set...>>>

Read More What is the best oil for everyday frying?

Posted on Sat, 27/11/2010

The title of this blog is the title of the article that I wanted to link too, becos I thought it contained some really interesting information, about a subject that often crops up in discussions at cookschools. We are strong...>>>

Read More School food in France.

Posted on Sun, 28/11/2010

I can't watch Jamie Oliver on TV any more. Someone who needs cameras in their lives as much as he does, becomes a bit suspect in my eyes, in terms of what his genuine motivation for some of the crusades he embarks on really...>>>

Read More Fat Pork

Posted on Sun, 28/11/2010

Three or four years ago, Anne decided in her infinite wisdom that it would be an interesting experience to keep a couple of pigs, raise them, slaughter them, and then  go thru the process of breaking down the carcasses...>>>

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