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Read More King of Pastry Documentary

Posted on Wed, 01/09/2010

This movie I have got to see... I understand perfectly, the innate need to be good at what you do, but I don't quite get the sense of obsessiveness that drives people to need to be the very, very best at what they do. To...>>>

Read More Oolong Tea

Posted on Sat, 04/09/2010

Saturday nite is nearly over in the restaurant, and I have left the others to deal with the desserts and coffee that remain, and to do the reset of tables. We have the last cookschool in the current series tomorrow morning,...>>>

Read More Hislops Stoneground Wholemeal Flour

Posted on Thu, 09/09/2010

We're between cookschools series this week, and that gives us breathing space to catch up on a few things, as you do.Somehow though, whenever I finally get to the bottom of the pile of stuff on my desk, it seems to miraculously...>>>

Read More Locavore Food

Posted on Fri, 10/09/2010

I think I am a contrarian. I don't mean to be, but there is something buried deep in my pysche, that tends to react in a negative fashion, when the media get hold of a concept, and I start reading various people who feel...>>>

Read More Restaurant Reviewers

Posted on Fri, 10/09/2010

Yes, yes and yes!! I have a huge problem with so many of the restaurant reviews that I read in the media becos so much of the comment portrays a complete lack of real knowledge about the subject matter. And it seems perverse...>>>

Read More Ricks accident

Posted on Wed, 15/09/2010

Am just about to head out for a quick walk around the neighbourhood to clear my head, before I get in the car and drive back over to Waikato Hospital where my husband has been domiciled since Saturdays accident. Getting to...>>>

Read More So you want to be a chef?

Posted on Thu, 23/09/2010

It has been an interesting couple of weeks- I think I've been in a state of almost suspended animation, going thru the motions, but not really being fully engaged either emotionally or mentally. Everything however is on...>>>

Read More Balleymaloe Cookschool

Posted on Sun, 26/09/2010

We have a private luncheon on at the restaurant currently, and I've just left a long table of 41 people happily chatting and eating the slow roasted shoulder of lamb to come back over to my desk for 10 mins. By the time I...>>>

Read More Dining Out A History of the Restaurant in New Zealand - Perrin Rowland

Posted on Tue, 28/09/2010

I met Rick when I got a job at The Coachman Restaurant in Courtenay Pl, Wellington, back in what would have '82 or '83. He was Des Brittans sous chef by the time I started there, and I was parttime, working nites, while I...>>>

Read More New Zealand wines trouncing Australian

Posted on Wed, 29/09/2010

 A gracious Australian commentary on why NZ wine styles are featuring so dominantly in competitions, comparing NZ wines to Australian and South African - a vinous Tri Nations......>>>

Read More Why take food seriously?

Posted on Thu, 30/09/2010

Am just about to have a shower and head over to the restaurant - we're in for a reasonably busy nite, and given I've had a mooching kind of day, it will be rather pleasant to have to move my toush. Spent a fair part of the...>>>

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