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Read More American perspective on NZ sauvignon blanc

Posted on Sat, 03/12/2011

An interesting perspective on the start of planting of grapes in Marlborough, and the surge to dominance of NZ sauvignon blanc. On our white wine list we have 8 rieslings,  5 gewurztraminers, 6 pinot gris, a chenin...>>>

Read More How to feel totally selfindulgent.

Posted on Mon, 05/12/2011

There are days, especially this time of year, when everything in our working life gets conspicuously busier, and I have a tendency to occasionally feel a little sorry for myself, becos of all the balancing of various things...>>>

Read More Mid sized wineries struggling

Posted on Thu, 08/12/2011

I've just been on the website of a photographer who took photos at a civil union we did at Somerset back in late October. A very special afternoon event, for two ladies I'm enormously fond off, making formal their bond....>>>

Read More Recipe box

Posted on Sat, 10/12/2011

Oh dear! My husband has just got back from a bike ride and commented on the fact that I am still prone in the same positon that I was when he departed - stretched out reading Vanity Fair.  A monthly indulgence that gives...>>>

Read More Table configurations.

Posted on Sun, 11/12/2011

I hope I am not tempting fate by stating the bald fact of ' so far, so good'! The Christmas season has hit with a vengence and although we still have 2 weeks to go before we break for Christmas itself, we are well into the...>>>

Read More Septic Tanks

Posted on Tue, 13/12/2011

As I settle in to do my normal Tuesday morning desk routine, the background soundtrack is the rather unpleasant rumble of a truck parked in the restaurant carpark. Combined with which is the unmistable aroma of, ummmm, bodily...>>>

Read More End of the working year

Posted on Fri, 23/12/2011

Today is our last day at work for 2011. Its going to be busy, which is good - lunch and dinner, plus a constant stream of people calling in to pick up food orders and vouchers. Rick is over there at the moment doing some...>>>

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