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Read More A Christchurch Rock for sale

Posted on Thu, 03/03/2011

I feel more than a little inadequate in the face of the devastation that has been caused in Christchurch, and it was with almost relief that I responded to a phonecall from a friend who's organising a large fundraising concert...>>>

Read More Grange Road cafe and restaurant

Posted on Fri, 04/03/2011

It has been one of those weeks! Fiddly, messy and lots of chasing my tail, which is never a sensation I enjoy. Deliveries not arriving, or wine orders being misdelivered, problems with the eftpos machine, sick staff, lots...>>>

Read More Bernie Madoff

Posted on Sun, 06/03/2011

Have just driven back over the Kaimais in the rain after catering a wedding in Hamilton. Lyn and I followed Rick and Courteney in the truck, Jelte and Ali were in their car, and Hannah and Andrew stayed with his Mum in Hamilton....>>>

Read More The Irish Financial Situation

Posted on Tue, 08/03/2011

Don't ask!! I have escoteric taste in my reading, and earlier today caught this article in Vanity Fair  which mesmerised me, becos it explained so much that had perplexed us when we were in Cork, Ireland a few years...>>>

Read More Somerset at Home

Posted on Thu, 10/03/2011

The restaurant has become a multifaceted beast over the years, and some of those wings have been as a result of deliberate decisions we've made, and sometimes they've just kind of come about thru serendipitiy. A conscious...>>>

Read More Splitting the bill

Posted on Fri, 11/03/2011

 A tongue in cheek, but nonetheless rather witty, account of how to treat the bill when dining out with friends in a restaurant. Becos its American there is discussion about tax and tips added to the bill, but the basic...>>>

Read More Two Gorgeous Young Women!

Posted on Tue, 15/03/2011

I had to miss my photography class today. Courteney was flying out to the States and there was never really, any serious discussion about me not being there to farewell her at Auckland airport, even if that meant I missed...>>>

Read More Patrick Rogers Chocolate.

Posted on Fri, 18/03/2011

I think this is entrancing - a video that I got onto via David Lebovitzs blog, about an artisinal chocolate maker in Paris, that shows a level of craft and committment, that to my mind, transforms what is essentially a job...>>>

Read More The Arc

Posted on Sat, 19/03/2011

I was 'encouraged' out of bed much earlier than is my norm this morning, so that we could get up to Whangamata to see Hannah and her team at the start of the 24 hour Arc Multisport Race. Not being an enthusiastic early...>>>

Read More Coffee

Posted on Sun, 20/03/2011

A short, but kind of interesting, becos of the time line it draws, precis of coffee drinking... I read a book some years back - The Devils Cup by Stewart Lee Allen, that was an absolutely fascinating history of coffee drinking...>>>

Read More AA Gill on L'ami Louis

Posted on Sun, 20/03/2011

I personally find so many written restaurant reviews to be underdone, capacrious twaddle, with the writer revealing more of what they don't know, then delivering any true insights into a particular restaurant . Becos anyone...>>>

Read More Photos from the ARC

Posted on Mon, 21/03/2011

Hannah has just sent me thru this link to photos from the Arc race at the weekend in which her team got 2nd. Have I mentioned that I think she's bloody amazing!! PS That link won't work, so after many emails backwards and...>>>

Read More Courteney in America

Posted on Wed, 23/03/2011

I have just had one of the most frustratingly irritating couple of hours that I have spent in a long, long while, as I attempted to navigate on line the process of verifying the security for our eftpos transactions. A complicated,...>>>

Read More Courteneys first Tour

Posted on Fri, 25/03/2011

I will get over my daughters I promise! Am conscious that this week has been a procession of blogs regarding their sporting prowess, and I promise that the chest thumbing will come to an end, but before I do that I thought...>>>

Read More You know you're from Christchurch when...

Posted on Sun, 27/03/2011

I am just waiting for Rick who's flicked over to the supermarket to get the Sunday papers to return, and will spend the next couple of hours happily ensconsed reading the papers. We've done a cookschool today, and the people...>>>

Read More Carafes and things..

Posted on Thu, 31/03/2011

We woke up to glorious sunshine this morning, and that very distinct nip in the air that heralds the arrival of autumn, and the fact its time to stop kidding myself over whether the warm weather and lovely long evenings have...>>>

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