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Read More Soothing sounds

Posted on Fri, 02/09/2011

I have just spent a frustrating hour or so trying to set up something that should, in theory be quite simple, but I was overly optimistic, and it has become a whole heap more complicated. Which is frustrating, and I've had...>>>

Read More I am Woman: hear me roar

Posted on Sun, 04/09/2011

Home alone. Husband and Courteney left home at 7am this morning for a 5 hour bike ride as you do, so its just me, the dogs, Sunday papers, and the sun on my back. Not so bad really! Never bother too much with the Sport...>>>

Read More Anne Lamott

Posted on Sun, 04/09/2011

I have a copy of Anne Lamotts book ' Bird by Bird' currently heading in my direction together with a number of other ordered books. ( I figure that a bit like shoes, you can never have too many books...) This book I'm hoping...>>>

Read More Restaurant food images from Paris

Posted on Tue, 06/09/2011

A link to a very cool series of mainly restaurant food images from Paris......>>>

Read More Coffee ads

Posted on Wed, 07/09/2011

These extracts from coffee advertisements in the 50s are a useful reminder of why I'm quite adamant about the fact that I am most definitely a feminist, and will always be one, even though I often get told that theres no...>>>

Read More Compulsory viewing

Posted on Wed, 07/09/2011

I am on my way to bed, but I just had to stop via the computor to express my conviction that this TV series that Rick and I have been watching all week via the DVD set we hired from Video Ezy, would have to rate quite simply...>>>

Read More A bike link

Posted on Thu, 08/09/2011

Flash mobs are all the rage - and Ricks just pointed me in the direction of this one, which is quite appropriate for our family.' I want to ride my bicycle'. The skill and control of those young riders is just extraordinary.... And...>>>

Read More Chim choo ree

Posted on Thu, 08/09/2011

We headed over to Hamilton a few days back to go to a lecture with Courteney given by a nutritionalist on diet for sporting performance. Eating correctly and appropriately for her extreme level of physical exertion has become...>>>

Read More A well written column

Posted on Sat, 10/09/2011

Far be it from me to diss the opposition. It is something I just don't do- ( well not beyond the occasional grumble in conversation with good friends, or splutter in my personal diaries). But this restaurant hasn't opened...>>>

Read More A dog at Ground Zero

Posted on Mon, 12/09/2011

I have just finished reading 'In Defense of Dogs' by John Bradshaw, a fascinating study on canine behaviour that detours from alot of previously accepted theory. I was curious to read theories that differed from the wolf...>>>

Read More Don't mention the rugby!

Posted on Mon, 12/09/2011

The week that has just been - our restaurant week starts on a Tuesday and ends on a Sunday - was officially the quietest one that we have had since we did the alterations, 7/8 years ago. Not that I think I'll especially trumpet...>>>

Read More A critics view

Posted on Wed, 14/09/2011

Some of the most wellknown chefs in the world recently got together to discuss important matters, and as a result of the meeting released a statement as to how they hoped chefs of the future would treat their vocation. In...>>>

Read More Tarnished Frocks and Divas

Posted on Thu, 15/09/2011

My throat is still feeling a bit sore this morning, after a delightful evening of chat and laughter and general enjoyment down at Mills Reef for the 'Tarnished Frocks and Divas' show. I'd never been to the show before -...>>>

Read More Home of Cycling

Posted on Thu, 15/09/2011

Great news! A text came thru from Errol Newlands last nite saying that Waikato had managed to win the contract  to provide a world class velodrome. A determined group of special people have toiled incredibly hard to...>>>

Read More Another Green World

Posted on Tue, 20/09/2011

We did a private cookschool this morning, and becos we're betwixt and between series, we did the food from the series we'd just finished, and I'm very glad we opted to go that way, and work with dishes that we were so familiar...>>>

Read More A restaurant farm

Posted on Wed, 21/09/2011

I'm the person who stated in the previous blog that I couldn't get myself organised enough to ensure an ongoing supply of microgreens in a small tray on the deck, so my chances of starting from scratch and creating a produce...>>>

Read More Morecombe and Wise

Posted on Wed, 21/09/2011

Doug sent me this. It pasted a great big smile on my face as I worked my way thru the various company returns that I had to file with the Companies Office. As you do! I just wish I had that level of energy first thing in...>>>

Read More Hannahs Capping

Posted on Sat, 24/09/2011

Well thats a pain! I've just wandered over to the restaurant to make myself a needed cup of coffee, and Craig, who's doing his prep in the morning so he can play soccer this afternoon, tells me that he has some bad news....>>>

Read More The fifteenth Christmas Cookschool Series.

Posted on Wed, 28/09/2011

Pallible relief in the household. The first cookschool in this years Christmas Series is done and dusted, and the food worked really well, and elicited a very positive response from people, so Rick can now relax. He feels...>>>

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