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Read More Cookbook finally printed

Posted on Mon, 03/12/2012

Some good friends have just dropt into the restaurant for a drink, and to return some glasses and things that we left at their house on Saturday at the end of a catering job. Nice to have a catch up and chat about the lunch,...>>>

Read More Sean's Cellar

Posted on Tue, 04/12/2012

Our wine list covers a wide range of options, both price wise and in styles,  and that is deliberate. We are still BYO, but it is a habit that is diminishing in volume I've noticed over the last couple of years. The...>>>

Read More Interview

Posted on Wed, 05/12/2012

 Just about to head over to the restaurant for a cookschool - have been over to the Mount already as part of my Wednesday morning ritual, although round this time, not up - and Sally and I have set the world to right,...>>>

Read More Bouchon Bakery - Thomas Keller

Posted on Thu, 06/12/2012

I am in heaven! And I shouldn't be - we have a busy day on today, and there is stuff I should be attending too, but a phone call came thru from Books a Plenty yesterday that one of the books I'd ordered had arrived, so because...>>>

Read More Courteney re-signed.

Posted on Thu, 06/12/2012

Offiicial notification that Courteney has been re - signed by Team Optum, to race in America again next year. Exciting stuff for her, especially since they will also now be UCI accredited, which means the team can join races...>>>

Read More Why do we cook in a certain way?

Posted on Fri, 14/12/2012

I am currently in the midst of stoning 10kgs of cherries,which is not exactly what I needed to be doing this morning, but the cherries arrived from Marlborough yesterday, and they are very ripe so require attention immediately.   We...>>>

Read More Men in our Classes

Posted on Sat, 15/12/2012

I have retreated back over to the house, because my presence is superfluous at the restaurant currently. I think I will go  back over later, so Rhonda can have an earlier than normal night, since she has worked thru...>>>

Read More The need to have a giggle

Posted on Wed, 19/12/2012

 I'm feeling just a titch frazzled - catching up with stuff at my computor after unpacking boxes and boxes of wine at the  restaurant, and trying to find my way around things I missed yesterday, when we were away. I...>>>

Read More Christmas Cards are not what they were!

Posted on Fri, 21/12/2012

I went over to the restaurant about 10am this morning to have a cup of coffee with Rick and go over a couple of things for lunch service today, and 2 hours later I've flicked back over to the house to have a quick shower...>>>

Read More 2013

Posted on Sun, 30/12/2012

While not officially back at work until tomorrow, Rick and I have both spent most of today, getting stuff sorted, so that come tomorrow morning, when we do open, then  we will  have what we need already on site...>>>

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