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Read More The Queen

Posted on Fri, 02/11/2012

Am in that interesting patch of time, when tables have started to arrive, but at a very leisurely pace, and Rhonda and Roz have everything under total control, so I've mooched back over to the house, just to check on a couple...>>>

Read More The Final Draft

Posted on Sat, 03/11/2012

I have just made myself sit at the computor  to complete the last few details that I need to do my end to get the cookbook on our Italian trip done and dusted. Rob at Simpson Print, will now have to bring all the bits...>>>

Read More Cooking smells

Posted on Tue, 06/11/2012

I have just come back over to the house after rolling out 100 small savoury rugalachs for a catering job we have on tonight. I was getting the vibe from my husband that he was feeling a bit under pressure, so I volunteered...>>>

Read More American President

Posted on Thu, 08/11/2012

I came back over to the house last night with a rather too large glass of wine, to read the round up of the election results, knowing by then that President Obama was definitely back in, but wondering if some of the remarkably...>>>

Read More Coffee and cake

Posted on Sun, 11/11/2012

Nice! We didn?t reset the restaurant at the end of service last night, because Courteney had invited the Tauranga Cycling Club, to come by after the Sunday morning ride, to have  coffee and cake and listen to her...>>>

Read More The Intouchables

Posted on Mon, 12/11/2012

We went to see this movie last night, and it was a magical experience. A wonderful, uplifting delight. Two male protaganists from completely diverse backgrounds, who are both at heart, essentially nice people, and who ultimately...>>>

Read More Olive oil harvest

Posted on Sat, 17/11/2012

Olive oil gets discussed often in our cookschools, because it is Ricks oil of choice, and people ask what his preference is, and that often sends us on a tangent of discussion about various oils and attitudes. There is no...>>>

Read More George Cafe

Posted on Sun, 18/11/2012

Have just sent out the November newsletter. I write a monthly letter that gets sent out electronically, whereas the one that also goes out in hard copy only happens when we have a cookschool schedule to alert people too,...>>>

Read More Wisteria flowers

Posted on Mon, 19/11/2012

I am not a gardener. In fact I?m almost embarrassed to be posting photos of flowers, because the wisteria at the restaurant grows by default and not through any cleverness on my behalf. It was Terry Hill Rennie who had...>>>

Read More Carrot Cake

Posted on Tue, 20/11/2012

Rowie called in during a cookschool last week, and because I was tied up with the class I was only able to speak to her for the briefest time, but long enough to promise her that I would send her through the recipe for the...>>>

Read More Fresh Gingercake

Posted on Wed, 21/11/2012

Cheered myself up yesterday by heading into the kitchen and trying out a couple of recipes that I was curious about, before I took myself out on a walk. Rick and I have just had another slice of the Glazed Ginger cake which...>>>

Read More Menu details.

Posted on Thu, 22/11/2012

The idea of having a weekly menu in addition to the dishes that we feel we can?t change, is working extremely well. Its generating alot of positive comment, especially  from  good customers who we see on a regular...>>>

Read More Queueing

Posted on Sun, 25/11/2012

I am not especially good at queuing - its just one of those things that I'd prefer not to do if I can possibly avoid it, because I'm an impatient tart at heart, and what happens in   this , rings only too true!...>>>

Read More Inspiring stuff

Posted on Thu, 29/11/2012

I had a crap walk/run this morning - head just not in the right space, and didn't feel good out there, and didn't like the fact that I didn't feel good out there, so came home feeling a bit sorry for myself. And then watched...>>>

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