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Posted on Thu, 06/09/2012

I have come back over to the house early, because we are having an exceptionally quiet nite at the restaurant, and while I sat down on Table one for a while, to start in on the addresses on the first box of envelopes, I'd...>>>

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Posted on Fri, 07/09/2012

When we bought my parents house next door to the restaurant a few years back, one of the first things we did was close in the carport, not so that we could park the car out of the weather, but more to house the extensive...>>>

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Posted on Sat, 08/09/2012

I had to apply a little internal pressure to get myself out the door this morning to go over to the Mount for some exercise. Rick and Courteney were heading out for a ride, and I figured the morning would be a good time for...>>>

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Posted on Mon, 10/09/2012

Courteney and I are heading down to Christchurch in a couple of hours for her to have the surgery she requires on her artery tomorrow. I'm trying to remain cool, calm, and collected about the whole prospect, but  in...>>>

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Posted on Thu, 13/09/2012

This series of articles  kept me sane, ( I had time to read them all...),  while waiting for hours in St Georges hospital in Christchurch for my youngest daughter to reappear after having  had surgery earlier...>>>

Read More J.K Rowlings Harvard Commencement Speech

Posted on Sat, 15/09/2012

A perfect shot of inspiration on a dreary Saturday afternoon, sitting at my desk working my way thru a list of jobs that I need to get done... Hannah was the perfect age growing up to read the Harry Potter books, ( Courteney...>>>

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Posted on Thu, 20/09/2012

I have been exceeding absorbed  over the last few days, working on the cookbook that we wanting to give to  attendees who spent time with us at the cookschool at Cascina Papaveri  in Piemonte. I dropped...>>>

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Posted on Fri, 21/09/2012

That was not a good idea! Jamie has just brought me over a bowl of pork ribs, which I really shouldn't have eaten, because I'm about to get on the spinner for an hour, and doing that shortly after devouring a bowl of ribs...>>>

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Posted on Sat, 22/09/2012

It has been a long day at my desk, and I am feeling  distinctly tetchy right at the moment. Not helped at all by the fact its a glorious afternoon weatherwise, and my husband has disappeared in the direction of Te Puke...>>>

Read More Jamie Leaving

Posted on Mon, 24/09/2012

Rick and I  are taking Jamie out for dinner tonight to say our farewells, because he finished at Somerset on Saturday evening, and will be leaving the country this Friday. He?s been a special part of the kitchen team...>>>

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Posted on Sun, 30/09/2012

My husband got up early this morning to head out for a long ride. His youngest daughter isn?t allowed back on her bike yet, so he went out alone. I?ve watered the vege plants that I planted yesterday, and been over to the...>>>

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Posted on Sun, 30/09/2012

Hannah and Andrew are staying with us possibly through until the start of the new acedemic year. Nothing has actually been stated as the way its going to be, and I listen for my cues when I overhear Hannah talking to others...>>>

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