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Posted on Fri, 04/01/2013

Rick rang Hohepa today in Clyde in the Hawkes Bay, which is where we get the aged gouda from, that we love so much,  to order some more cheese, and the lady who answered the phone  seemed relieved to hear from him...>>>

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Posted on Sun, 06/01/2013

There is much I don't understand about how the money markets work. I've read many long, detailed articles on how and why the world of credit all turned to custard back in 2008, and always get lost somewhere in amongst the...>>>

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Posted on Tue, 08/01/2013

It took us a number of years to  feel comfortable with how we defined our restaurant business. We didn't want to be a cafe, but nor did we want to be so formal that people only regarded  us as a once a year type...>>>

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Posted on Thu, 10/01/2013

Have just sent out the electronic version of the newsletter - the hardcopy one will have to wait until Simpson Print come back from holiday on Monday, but wanted to lock in the dates for the next cookschool series, and knew...>>>

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Posted on Fri, 11/01/2013

Read this article over my morning smoothie and had to smile, becos I'd been thinking thoughts exactly along the lines expressed by the writer. The first time a hand made type label, expressing completely random seeming sentiments,...>>>

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Posted on Fri, 11/01/2013

As a by the by, for those interested in following the race live, this is the link to the website where the feed will be happening. Courteneys road race, the Elite Women's, starts at midday, Saturday 12th....>>>

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Posted on Mon, 14/01/2013

 Just had a good nights sleep in our own bed, after a whirlwind trip to Chch to watch National Elites. Courteney had an amazing race, and we are simply thrilled for her! We had catered a wedding the evening before...>>>

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Posted on Wed, 16/01/2013

I happen to think that this woman is the best essayist out there - I impatiently wait for her to post her once a month article, and always read with pleasure. As usual, she has nailed the issues of guns in America with frank...>>>

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Posted on Wed, 16/01/2013

I was going to mention this very cool place that we went too over the weekend in Chch on the restaurant facebook page, but decided not too, because my posts there seem to have inadvertently become almost solely a commentary...>>>

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Posted on Tue, 22/01/2013

We took some of our key staff up to Auckland on Sunday, primarily to have dinner out at one of Aucklands top restaurants, but also to have a little bit of a poke around and absorb some of the Auckland vibe because we find...>>>

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Posted on Fri, 25/01/2013

There?s a first for everything I guess, and it would be fair to say I never thought I?d be sitting in the car, waiting for an electronic shop to open in the morning, but that is exactly what Rick and I found ourselves doing...>>>

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Posted on Fri, 25/01/2013

I wrote a blog earlier this morning in which I mentioned that I would probably be heading to Nigel Slaters Tender cookbook on vegetables for some inspiration in terms of what to do with the rather large courgettes that are...>>>

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Posted on Fri, 25/01/2013

Rick and Hannah have just been out for a run, and coming home they cut thru the back of the restaurant and encountered by chance a couple who'd driven their car across the section and were loading a large bag of plums that...>>>

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Posted on Wed, 30/01/2013

Home from a early morning walk over at the Mount with Sally ? coffee and hot choc to follow, and we?ve pretty much put the world to right, as you do! Have come home to an empty house because Rick and Courteney are out on...>>>

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