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Posted on Sun, 01/12/2013

Been a busy sort of Sunday - and just sitting at the computor having a quick catch up on my inbox, before I shower and get ready for dinner. Think we're heading out to Macau for an early meal, before coming home and finishing...>>>

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Posted on Mon, 02/12/2013

Rick and I have just spent the past hour or so, 'discussing' the need to rejig our lunch menu, slightly, so as to have the breadth to appeal to the various larger than normal groups that we have coming to the restaurant between...>>>

Read More Beyond cute

Posted on Tue, 10/12/2013

Perfect for the start of my day - I've just had to unwedge myself from between the two dogs who bounced into the bedroom and curled up on either side of me on the bed, in the process kind of locking me into position. I love...>>>

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Posted on Wed, 11/12/2013

We did the last cookschool in the Christmas series today. We started that series back in September so its been ongoing for awhile, and it will feel a bit strange over the next few weeks, not fronting for a class, because...>>>

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Posted on Wed, 11/12/2013

There is always something to learn - a fact I happen to like, because it keeps me on my toes. Last night I learned that Te Whare Ra do not use any egg or other animal protein to fine their wines, and I learnt this because...>>>

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