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Read More Waihi Beach Hotel Eatery and Store

Posted on Mon, 06/01/2014

Am about to embark on a long bill paying session, but before I  turn to the nitty, gritty part of my day and work through the pile, I thought I?d just mention a wonderful brunch we had today in Waihi. Hannah and Andrew...>>>

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Posted on Wed, 08/01/2014

 A few queries from people wanting to know how they can keep track of Courteneys race on Saturday. This is the website that it will be streamed live from, and it starts at midday. Rick is currently dropping her over...>>>

Read More Putting on the Ritz

Posted on Wed, 15/01/2014

Need a bit of high octane positivety in my life right now, and got sent this by someone who figured it would put a smile on my face, which it has surely done!...>>>

Read More New and Old

Posted on Sun, 19/01/2014

About to head out the door to meet friends for a movie and dinner evening ( Meryl Streep in full flight as an obnoxious matriach - fabulous!) but before I shower to wash of the dust from the day,  I have to report 2...>>>

Read More The Back story

Posted on Wed, 22/01/2014

I mentioned in an earlier blog that we'd been hugely impressed  by every aspect of the newly opened Waihi Beach Hotel and Eatery. This article which a friend has just sent me the link too, explains what has bought these...>>>

Read More Courteney pre-surgery, again!

Posted on Thu, 23/01/2014

Courteney's latest blog kind of captures where she's at - I'm getting asked alot by people how she is, and whats happening, and this kind of says it all......>>>

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