4 Dec 2014

I have just tasted the best honey I've ever eaten!  A dramatic statement for sure, but quite literally the truth! Alan has just driven off, having removed the first lot of honey from his hives which have been on our property since earlier in the year.  Rick immediately made some toast, as you do - having borrowed some bread from the restaurant-  and we  liberally coated it in the fresh honey - both the straight honey and the comb - and it was positively gorgeous. I've never eaten honey quite as fresh as that. 

The hives have grown over the last few weeks as Alan decided the level of activity warranted putting more frames in, and today he removed honey from only a few of those frames. He ended up with a wee audience as we all trailled after him down the driveway  to watch the process, curious to see what was involved.  I'd read some where at some stage, about centrifugal force being used, but this was all remarkably low tech - the honey simply drained through in a wonderfully golden cascade, using nothing other than gravity, and a bit of force to seperate the comb from the frames.

We all hovered keen to watch, but the dogs  always  prefer to keep their distance when the bees are active .. so they stayed well back!

Most of the honey fell thru easily, and the rest that was still in the comb has been left to slowly  perculate thru cheesecloth over the last couple of hours. We ended up with another few jars of liquid honey,  and the residual  comb from that process has been set to one side and will be used when we have a bit of time to experiment making caneles, the doughnuts from Bordeaux that are made from honey comb. One day...

In the meantime we have lots of this gorgeous stuff to use up...don't think that will be too tough!

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