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Read More Staff Hassles

Posted on Thu, 10/07/2014

It is the school holidays, and suddenly our kitchen hands all need time off, all at the same time. They are  college kids,  for whom the school holidays all come over the same period, and a great group of people,...>>>

Read More Do you need a pricey culinary degree to make it in the restaurant world?

Posted on Sun, 13/07/2014

This is a subject that causes me some conflict, because for many years I have espoused the line drilled into me by my parents, that qualifications mattter. They both missed out on careers that they would have liked, because...>>>

Read More That was then, this is now

Posted on Mon, 14/07/2014

The weather on Saturday was horrible. Truly horrible. We had a busy service in the restaurant, and I was pleasantly surprised that people were brave enough to venture out for dinner. They literally tumbled through the front...>>>

Read More The Food at The French Laundry

Posted on Wed, 16/07/2014

As those that get my newsletter know, eating at The French Laundry is something Rick and I hope to do at some stage in the future, although quite when that will be remains to be seen. Our daughter pre-empted us this year,...>>>

Read More Courteney's Team

Posted on Thu, 17/07/2014

This is a very cool video of the team Courteney rides for in America.... ...>>>

Read More Behaviour in restaurants

Posted on Fri, 25/07/2014

An interesting link, that we were discussing during dinner service last night, and Rhonda promised to send me through the link... Over the years we have observed a change in dining patterns and behaviour in the restaurant,...>>>

Read More Food Wastage

Posted on Fri, 25/07/2014

It is within my lifetime, that we have gone from accepting vegetables in all their rogue permutations, that nature can create, to expecting them to be completely perfect, both in shape and blemish free. The plastification...>>>

Read More Cooking offal

Posted on Sun, 27/07/2014

We did a class on cooking offal today. Rick gets a lot of positive comment about his chicken livers, and recently we've been featuring tongue on the menu, and have been genuinely surprised by how many people have wanted...>>>

Read More Female Cycling

Posted on Mon, 28/07/2014

The team Courteney races for in the States,  Team Optum, were one of two American teams, chosen to race in La Course, which was a precurser to the men arriving in Paris at the end of the Tour de France. The professional...>>>

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