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Read More Nigella using Whittakers Chocolate at Ruth Pretty's Cookschool

Posted on Thu, 05/06/2014

I love this video because it brings together three things we have much respect and admiration for:  Nigella ( her first book, "How To Eat", written when she was the food writer for English Vogue,...>>>

Read More Waiting Etiquette

Posted on Sun, 08/06/2014

I got told off a few months ago by a customer who felt irked enough about his dining experience at Somerset to communicate via Facebook, that is really just wasn’t on that at no point during his meal was he asked if...>>>

Read More TWR

Posted on Mon, 09/06/2014

Wedeal with a smaller number of wineries these days - preferring to focus on ones that have some significance to us,and which represent something special for our customers. Te Whare Ra ticks all the boxes in my mind and...>>>

Read More Disability

Posted on Tue, 10/06/2014

A powerful lecture, that certainly challenged my perspective on people with disabilities. I found her totally inspiring, which ironically negates exactly the point she is trying to make! ...>>>

Read More Delancy - Molly Wizenberg

Posted on Mon, 16/06/2014

I have a library full of books about restaurant ownership, food trends, and others describing peoples experiences in the hospitality industry. In fact I happened to go through them all and wrote down  the titles the...>>>

Read More New websites and things...

Posted on Fri, 27/06/2014

If you're reading this, then chances are you will have discovered our new website, which went live yesterday, and which I am currently learning how to navigate around the admin aspects of. I have being repeatedly reassurred...>>>

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