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Read More Dessert Programmes

Posted on Thu, 13/03/2014

I read this article before I headed over to the restaurant this morning to do a cookschool, and it came up in conversation during the class. With our demonstration cookschools, Rick does all the prep for 4 or 5...>>>

Read More Our Bees

Posted on Mon, 17/03/2014

Alan took this photo of our bees today, hard at work producing honey ... going to have to go and get a kit so I can poke my nose in the hive too I can see... Exciting stuff!! ...>>>

Read More Anthony Bourdain on modern chefs

Posted on Wed, 19/03/2014

 An interesting article. I have a lot of respect for this mans perspective on the restaurant scene world wide. He tends to cut thru the hyperbole, and the media created hype, to focus on what is real, and I usually like...>>>

Read More How wolfs change rivers

Posted on Sun, 23/03/2014

The human race has a tendency to think it  can outsmart nature - but we occasionally need a reminder that we only really know enough to confirm how much we don't know... ...>>>

Read More The Dairy

Posted on Thu, 27/03/2014

A quick trip to Auckland  yesterday revealed some gems,  one of the highlights  of which, was meeting Tara Brogan who owns a cafe in the Ponsonby Central complex along with The Dairy.  Contained within...>>>

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