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Read More New year, new...

Posted on Fri, 02/01/2015

A photo taken of Courteney while out on a training ride today... its a new year, and that means a new team and new kit... Contractually she has to wear team appropriate gear when training in public. Her mother is happy because...>>>

Read More New year, new Reservation book

Posted on Sun, 04/01/2015

The start of a new year, means a whole new Reservations book. Whereas at the end of the old year we have to weigh down the used side of the book, because its been so handled and turned, that it will keep flicking back, a...>>>

Read More Cherry bread

Posted on Mon, 19/01/2015

We had a few days off over Christmas, which is time that we've really come to appreciate. It gives everyone a chance to kickback and relax after what is invariably our busiest few weeks of the year, and readjust for the...>>>

Read More A fortunate discovery

Posted on Thu, 22/01/2015

We did a small catering job tonight, for a good customer. A  three course dinner  all plated ready to go except for some last minute cooking of the fillet required. I dropt all the food  over to them, and had...>>>

Read More Tussock Traverse

Posted on Sat, 24/01/2015

Hannah is an adventure racer - she enjoys off road, more than she does keeping to the tarmac. And over the years of fronting up to some of her races in support, we've discovered that those multi - sporters are a different...>>>

Read More Front of House staff

Posted on Sun, 25/01/2015

We lost Abbie a couple of weeks back, to a fulltime position at Harbourside, which is a shame on a couple of counts.  Abbie was a delight to have around, an already polished waitress when she started working with us...>>>

Read More Blackcurrant syrup

Posted on Fri, 30/01/2015

The pre-Christmas change in the drink driving laws generated a significant amount of chat around tables in the restaurant, both amongst customers and also directed at us. People seemed to have no idea about how much they...>>>

Read More Tipping

Posted on Sat, 31/01/2015

Increasingly the commentary I'm reading from America is becoming critical of the status quo surrounding tipping. It is the norm there for waiting staff to be paid less than the minimum wage by their employers, and for...>>>

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