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Posted on Fri, 03/04/2015

We've woken up to the most beautiful Good Friday. Blue skies and clear, still warm day. Absolutely nothing planned which is most unusual for us, but which I shall enjoy as the day unfolds. We're only open on Saturday...>>>

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Posted on Sun, 05/04/2015

Most restaurants work sections out front. By that I mean that the waiting staff have a number of tables in their 'section' that they are responsible for during service. At Somerset we have a floor plan drawn up every...>>>

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Posted on Mon, 06/04/2015

Lots of queries from people asking how Courteney's racing year is progressing.  Rick spends much time on the computor tracking and analysing race results, and calls me over occasionally when there's something...>>>

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Posted on Mon, 13/04/2015

This delightful article on Patricia Wells had me smiling in recognition with the points made, many times. Our first trip to Paris was tagged onto to the end of our first overseas cookschools in Tuscany Italy. We flew from...>>>

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Posted on Thu, 16/04/2015

What a fascinating, extraordinary, wonderful woman!!! ...>>>

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Posted on Tue, 21/04/2015

This  link was sent to me by a dear friend, and I've forwarded it on to a number of close female friends as you do!! - but even Rick was laughing as he watched it. Brilliant!! ...>>>

Read More Commodity Corporation

Posted on Fri, 24/04/2015

I confess to having being reasonably confused at times over the subject of chocolate. It has been a bit of a journey, a learning process that has taken a number of years to slot into place all the various aspects, and it...>>>

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