13 Dec 2015

This article is totally unrelated to anything to do with the restaurant, but am tired, tired, tired, because it's been a big week and have just finished the last cookschool in the  Christmas series, and was online checking movie times, cos thought Rick and I would slink out to watch the one on Lance Armstrong tonight, only to discover it's not on  - the 5pm, viewing is too soon, cos my husband is currently out on his bike and won't be home much before that. I've lain on the bed reading the sunday papers, cos I'm stuffed and he's headed out for a 2 hour bike ride, as you do when you're tired! Go figure!!  - and there's nothing else on that appeals. So looks like we'll be staying home and watching the remaining few episodes of " House of Cards' instead.

A bit peeved, cos felt like an outing, so while I was  sitting at the computor muttering about the lack of options, I flicked through some reading on line that I've got behind in, given all that's been happening, and as always read with total relish anything written by this woman. She makes total and complete sense to me!

My daughter lives in America for 8 months of the year. The gun culture over there horrifies and confuses me, and I don't realistically see it ever changing.. and I do genuinely wish that wasn't the way it had to be.

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