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Read More Healthy dessert

Posted on Wed, 04/02/2015

Rick and I have always regarded the words  'healthy' and 'dessert' as being mutually exclusive. Desserts by definition are meant to be sweet and tasty, a decadent finish to a meal. Maybe not something...>>>

Read More Totally inspiring

Posted on Thu, 05/02/2015

I have been a fan of the Humans of New York facebook page for a long time now. There is something about the revealing glimpses into peoples live, all of which are framed in a completely non judgemental way, that are totally...>>>

Read More The end of a restaurant

Posted on Sat, 07/02/2015

I'm about to head out to the garden to pick some fresh vegetables for lunch. Both daughters are out on their bikes, Ricks picking up fresh fish and some other supplies, and in a couple of hours we'll all be sitting...>>>

Read More Coast to Coast

Posted on Sat, 14/02/2015

Been a lazy sort of day, which my head kind of needs in advance of Valentines night...ordinarily on a full night we will do 18 tables or thereabouts, tonite we are going to do closer to 30, and the phones have been ringing...>>>

Read More Juliet Harbutts visit

Posted on Mon, 16/02/2015

We had a Masterclass with Juliet Harbutt at the restaurant last night. Something we've done previously, but a number of years back now, and it was great to catch up with Juliet again on a personal level, as well as to...>>>

Read More Shotover Moonlight Mountain Marathon

Posted on Sat, 21/02/2015

As I write this, both my daughters are far away competing in tough events, and I have no way of knowing how it's going for them, which means I'm pacing around a bit, trying to focus ( unsucessfully!) on other stuff. This...>>>

Read More Half a lifetime

Posted on Sun, 22/02/2015

My role at the restaurant during service has evolved a little over the years. I'm kind of maitr d'/ waitress / glass washer / do whatever is required... I seldom have a section as such within the restaurant, seeing...>>>

Read More Parody

Posted on Sun, 22/02/2015

A brilliantly funny parody on food - loved it!!!  ...>>>

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