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Read More Cutlery at twenty five past

Posted on Sun, 14/06/2015

We had a young couple in last night who had just got engaged, and coming out to dinner to celebrate as you do. I'd pegged them as sweet, young and pretty innocent but even so I was a little taken aback when I came to...>>>

Read More 8 secrets of success

Posted on Thu, 18/06/2015

A TED lecture thats short, succinct, witty and clever.... or so I thought!!! ...>>>

Read More Why we do what we do

Posted on Sun, 21/06/2015

I am showered and feeling fresh and revitalised from a run  just as the air outside was starting to turn cold and crisp. We now await Hannah and Andrews return with Benson, who they've taken for a run somewhere,...>>>

Read More Lost list

Posted on Tue, 23/06/2015

Rick and I are heading to Melbourne this Sunday for  few short days of serious research. We'll be back in NZ on Thursday, and unfortuntely the flight departure time  over there, means that we'll only have...>>>

Read More A sole woman in a men's race

Posted on Fri, 26/06/2015

Carmen Small is an ex team mate of Courteney's and now her coach, while still racing professionally herself. This interview with her makes for special reading, especially the bit at the end about little girls being inspired...>>>

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