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Read More Brilliant article

Posted on Sun, 10/07/2016

I have confessed a couple of times this week in general conversation with friends that I have an incipient sense of dread about the rise of nationalism and extremism across the world, because I don't see what can lance...>>>

Read More A serious bit of humour...

Posted on Fri, 22/07/2016

In amongst the incomprehensible madness coming out of the RNC convention at the moment, most of which I'm struggling to process, I found this video balm for the soul. Surely America can't go from this man to Trump......>>>

Read More Moving on after owning a restaurant for 26 years

Posted on Wed, 27/07/2016

An  interesting article about a gentleman who owned a restaurant in New York for 26 years, and who is selling at the age of 60 and moving on to the next stage. His take on the evolution of the food style he choose...>>>

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