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Read More Take down

Posted on Tue, 01/03/2016

I needed this ! A brilliant takedown by John Oliver of Donald Trump! There is sanity in America after all!! ...>>>

Read More Update from Courteney

Posted on Thu, 03/03/2016

Courteney has finally written a blog on where she is at currently and what her year ahead is looking like... and prior to that another blog on a rather special family trip we made back in January that involved pushing...>>>

Read More Compulsory viewing

Posted on Sat, 05/03/2016

A new joy in my life is being able to pick what I choose to watch when I'm on the spinner in the lounge. Unlike the rest of my family I have no enthusiasm for heading out to share the roads with cars and trucks, and am...>>>

Read More Very cool race

Posted on Mon, 07/03/2016

The look on my daughter and my husbands face at the finish line of the B Grade road race at the local club champs yesterday kind of says it all. Rick thought he had the race sewn up, and she pipped him at the post. A state...>>>

Read More An extraordinary TED speech

Posted on Thu, 10/03/2016

An amazing man, an amazing speech - 'let death be what takes us not a lack of imagination'... ...>>>

Read More Mentors

Posted on Sat, 19/03/2016

It's been a big kind of week with one thing and another, and I'm about to get on the spinner to try and clear my head ,before planning lunch for Courteney and Rick arriving back from their bike ride...just been sorting...>>>

Read More Feed for cows

Posted on Sat, 19/03/2016

We're doing a bit of looking back at the moment,  back to our earliest days here at Somerset, and when I think of the young, niave couple who headed north to Tauranga with some vague notions of the sort of restaurant...>>>

Read More Island Coffee

Posted on Tue, 22/03/2016

We got back this afternoon from a quick trip to Waiheke Island. There has been a lot of time elapse since we first mentioned to Stephen and Jane from Island Coffee that we really must come and visit, until we actually got...>>>

Read More Sulphites

Posted on Wed, 23/03/2016

Things I've learnt: 2.  A customer and I had an intense conversation on Saturday night, that revolved around her strongly expressed disapproval at the fact I didn't have any wines on my list that were sulphite...>>>

Read More Comments overheard

Posted on Sun, 27/03/2016

We overhear alot of comment in the restaurant. That isn't out of any desire to be nosy, but purely a byproduct of the time we need to spend at each table delivering and removing food and drinks. Some tables include waiting...>>>

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