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Read More Nothing to say

Posted on Wed, 09/11/2016

I haven't been able to be much of a presence at the restaurant tonight as I kept flicking over to the house to check the latest updates from America. I simply can't believe what has happened, and I've tried...>>>

Read More XPD Australia World Series

Posted on Sat, 12/11/2016

After weeks of spending far too much time reading stuff online about the in's and out's of the American election, the unthinkable has happened, and I'm almost unable to be bothered now going back online to listen...>>>

Read More Love it!

Posted on Sun, 13/11/2016

Love it, love it, love it!  We went and got one of our Leonard Cohen CDs from the house last night to add to the restaurant music  because it just felt appropriate.  As Sam Hunt said on National Radio this...>>>

Read More More on Adventure Racing...

Posted on Mon, 14/11/2016

Just picked up on this video of the caving stage of the ARWS that Hannah is currently competing in. Felt ill watching the competitors trying to squeeze thru skinny gaps in massive walls of rock underground. Thankgod I...>>>

Read More Unbelievably depressing

Posted on Wed, 23/11/2016

An explanatory read about the reasons why people have voted for Trump, which kind of makes sense on the one hand, but which is unbelievably depressing on the other, because it offers no bridge, no way forward, no way of resolving...>>>

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