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Read More Vulnerability and authenticity

Posted on Thu, 01/09/2016

I needed to watch this today... But wait! There's more...this is wonderful stuff!! ...>>>

Read More A brilliant writer

Posted on Wed, 07/09/2016

I am trying really hard not to fixate quite so much on Donald Trump these days. To not spend too much time at the computor reading endless reports on the ghastly qualities of the man himself and the people around him. And...>>>

Read More Sam Hunt

Posted on Mon, 12/09/2016

Life isn't fair! Rick and I got into bed last night after a huge and very special couple of days, feeling exhausted. We had however just dropt two gentlemen off to their respective places of abode, knowing that they had...>>>

Read More Yes I can

Posted on Fri, 16/09/2016

Para olympians - amazing, extraordinary people....this song captures so much of what makes them so memorable and inspiring.... ...>>>

Read More Can't help myself

Posted on Wed, 28/09/2016

I am really trying to focus on something other than Donald Trump, but my morbid fascination in the man and his ascent within American politics continues. Watched the debate with Hillary Clinton yesterday and felt immense...>>>

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