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Read More Couple of days away

Posted on Tue, 08/08/2017

 By a somewhat circular path we ended up with a couple of nights to use at The Round Tent in Raglan an experience I really can't recommend highly enough. We'd done a cookschool  on Sunday morning and...>>>

Read More Digestive Health

Posted on Mon, 14/08/2017

Cookschools are a wonderful opportunity for us to talk about all sorts of things - we have a captive audience and we aim to make what we do interesting, and that process can lead to us  covering a fairly diverse range...>>>

Read More Agreeing with Danny Meyer

Posted on Wed, 23/08/2017

I bought, read, and got alot out of  this man's book on what constitutes good restaurant service many, many years ago - 'Setting the table, the transformatiive power of hospitality in restaurants' - and have...>>>

Read More Big data

Posted on Sat, 26/08/2017

I fully accept that I am old fashioned in many of the ways that I look at our business. I try to listen and learn from changes that are constantly coming through, and use a computor and a smart phone regularly in our business...>>>

Read More How to snag a reservation

Posted on Sat, 26/08/2017

Must start doing some work - a GST return that needs filing, ice to be made, and nougat that also needs to get made, so time to stop flitting around the online newspapers, cos all of the stuff about Trump is so damned depressing...>>>

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