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Read More Courteney and Laura's wedding

Posted on Mon, 06/02/2017

After a pretty intense few weeks, Rick and I find ourselves at home alone for the next couple of hours, with no need to be anywhere and that  includes for once at work. Even Benson has gone to crash out in the shade...>>>

Read More Proven correct!

Posted on Wed, 08/02/2017

Our lawyer is a close personal friend. She has had our backs for more years than I care to remember, and with her, there are no secrets! So when Chris talks, I usually listen, and most times I agree, maybe not always straight...>>>

Read More Danny MacAskills Wee Day Out

Posted on Sat, 11/02/2017

Off road biking is an activity I hope to do more of in my future - the little sampling I've had so far has been enormously enjoyable, and it's something I aim to get fitter and better at. Even so I recognise that...>>>

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