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Read More Godzone Chapter 6

Posted on Mon, 06/03/2017

We picked Hannah up from Tauranga airport early yesterday evening, being a wee bit late to get there because we sidetracked to have a gelato after walking up the Mount for the first time in a long while. Hannah had just...>>>

Read More Superb speech

Posted on Fri, 10/03/2017

I'm about to head over to the restaurant for a cookschool - generally try and get there before any of the participants so that Rick and I can have a quick chat over our first coffee of the day- but also need to do the...>>>

Read More Abundant Backyard

Posted on Tue, 14/03/2017

Am feeling suitable chastened... on a number of levels right at the moment actually, but I'm not quite ready  to discuss the damage I did to the front of the car yesterday, when a tree didn't get out of my way...>>>

Read More Cilantro cheese

Posted on Tue, 28/03/2017

I'm not sure how we first got to taste Cilantro goats cheese, but I think Monica may have dropped into the restaurant one day and left us a sample. Unlike many I enjoy the barnyardy flavours in a lot of goats cheeses...>>>

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