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15 Mar 2012

Its been a nice nite in the restaurant - especially nice becos the last two evenings have been exceptionally quiet, and tonite we had reasonable numbers which always cheers me up considerably.

So I wasn't in a bad mood you understand? In fact I was feeling quite mellow - I'd had my hair cut today, and Penny had decided to put it up in a french knot now its long enough to have that sort of treatment. Something I would never consider to undertake on my own steam, becos its well beyond the realm of my capabilities, but she'd decided it would be fun to do, and so it was, and I was feeling ever so slightly more elegant than normal, becos my usual hair regime is more sort of brush and drip dry!

All of which is by way of background explanation to the fact that I'd gone over to the restaurant in a chirpy frame of mind, without too many clouds on my horizen, and means that the reason I got annoyed with the woman on table 12, was everything to do with her behaviour and nothing to do with my emotional state.

They were a two, whom Rhonda had seated on table 12, which is in a section with another two twos, down where the windows are in the back room.

We allocate table numbers to bookings in the book, and the process of doing so is always complex, becos certain customers like certain tables, so its always a bit of a jiggle..

These particular people had never been before, and they were seated at a table right on a window, and the lady choose to sit in the seat that didn't look out the window, and for that reason she decided to move the table over so she could see out.

And the problem with that decision is that in doing so, the table was moved over so far that it backed onto table 11 in a way, that meant it was too close. We know that, and that is why we position the tables where we do. And we also knew that table 11 was going to be occupied in about half an hour. She didn't know that but we did. So when Rhonda remonstrated with her, and explained that the table was in a position for a reason, and would she mind moving back, she got defensive, and said she wanted to look out the window.

Which begged the question of course - if it was so important to her, then why didn't she sit in the seat that had an unimpeded view when they first sat down?

But what is interesting about an interchange like that, is that  we became the villians, becos we  asked her to move the table back to the way we had it, since  we were conscious that we had the other table due to arrive shortly and one of the seats was blocked . She resented being asked, and was genuinely put out.

And I find that frustrating, becos it is always our intention to please, but! We are  having to think about the restaurant in its entirety when we set up tables,  becos that is what we do, and there is a reasonable amount of thought that goes into that process, becos the configuration changes every nite, since the numbers at tables change constantly.

And what we are trying to do, is make the best case scenario on any one nite, for everyone - and I find it exceptionally difficult when we have a customer who decides that their requirements take precedence over anyone elses, and that they will unilaterally shift things around to suit themselves without any regard as to how that might impact on other tables.

I think thats rude, and I wish people wouldn't do it!

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