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The cookschools are run at the restaurant in the morning.

We have four series in a year  - the dates for which are posted on the website or included in the newsletters that we send out. Each series comprises a number of the same class – you pick the date that works best for you and book accordingly.

The classes start at 10am, although most people usually arrive a little earlier for a cup of coffee, and they then head into the kitchen with a clipboard of recipes tucked under their arm.

In there they sit and watch Rick prepare the dishes, while I chat in the background adding a frame to what is happening and relating things back to my home kitchen.

After everything has been cooked, we all head out to a long table set up in the restaurant and sit down for lunch – with good food,  wine, and companionable chat.

We are very conscious that most of the people who come are keen home cooks, not professional chefs, and we therefore work hard to make the food that we do accessible. We want people to feel inspired to go home and cook.

Having said that though, we do have some ladies who’ve come to every series we’ve ever done, and who pride themselves on the fact that they’ve never cooked a thing. They look on the classes as an enjoyable day out!

Rick and I thoroughly enjoy the classes, because the two way flow of conversation keeps us stimulated and inspired. It also gives us an opportunity to discuss what we care about and to inform people about some of the great suppliers that we deal with.

People get to understand that there is nothing instant and no shortcuts taken in the food that we serve here at Somerset.

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