Half Roast Duck

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Cooked in the Asian manner, just as we do for service in the restaurant – so its thoroughly cooked thru, and the carcass bones are removed. (Leg and wing bones remain). Enough for 2 portions – either reheated as a main dish as per the instructions given, or can be used in a salad.

Approx Weight: 290gm per cooked half duck.
Ingredients: Duck

(2 Portions - Vacuum Pack)

Recommended Cooking Method:

- if frozen thaw in fridge overnight. Preheat oven to 200oC, and place duck portions in a pan, and add enough water to only just cover the base of the pan. Cook in hot oven, till crispy skinned and thoroughly heated through. Approx 15 mins. Drain off water. Serve with the Somerset Duck Sauce on a bed of mashed kumara thats been flavoured with vanilla and coconut cream.

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